Founder - Alison Riley

Hadston Leather was created through a love of craftsmanship and the values it holds.

Having been taught the leatherworking skills by a master saddler in Cumbria, England, founder Alison Riley witnessed first hand the level of care and attention to detail that goes into each item made.

Those principles form the core of her work and are blended with the knowledge of current trends and creative approaches to bring modernity to a traditional world. 


Alison learnt the traditional leather working skills on a Bridlework course in 2011 and additionally a Box and Case Making course in 2013 at the Cumbria School of Saddlery taught by a master saddler.  Here she learnt how to cut, edge and stitch the leather by hand.  Originally Alison graduated with a BA (Hons) Fashion in 2003.  

After working in the industry for the first few years she then took a change in vocation outside of the creative world.  She practiced her leather working skills in her spare time and in 2017 gained the opportunity to spend more time on this and Hadston Leather was born.

This venture is an amalgamation of all her experiences.