Branton - Black - 1 1/4 inch

Branton - Black - 1 1/4 inch

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Scroll down to view how to choose the correct size and the customisable options available.

To order a belt select the buckle and if you require personalised initials to be stamped (additional charge).  Press 'Add to Cart' and a form will pop up to enter your size.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from ordering as each belt is made to order.  If you require this earlier please drop Alison an email at

  • Made from English Bridle Leather (vegetable tanned)

  • Belts are made using traditional techniques

  • Edges are bevelled and burnished for a rounded feel

For orders outside the UK Alison will contact you after you order to supply you with a shipping rate, which will be an additional charge.

Please note, the images show 7 holes on the belt however I will make them with 5 holes as standard. If you would like 7 holes please note this on the pop up form.

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The best way to get a perfect fit is to measure an existing belt or measure your size over clothes where you want to wear your belt.  

Please don’t go by your jeans size as the belt will most likely come up short.

There are a list of standard sizes to choose from if needed, please scroll further down to view.

If you're not sure which size to order please don't hesitate to drop an email to and Alison will help you.



Measure from the main hole used on the belt to where the leather meets the buckle, see diagram below.  If the belt has curved, stand the tape measure on its side and measure the same distance, this will give a more accurate measurement.

Example of how the belt will be made: If the existing belt measurement (dominant hole to buckle) is 95cm.  The belt will be made 95 cm from the middle hole to where the leather meets the buckle.



Wrap a tape measure over your clothes where you want to wear the belt and take the measurement where the tape measure meets.  Remember to slot the tape measure through the belt loops if the belt is to be worn with jeans or trousers.

Alternatively you can wrap a piece of string in a similar way and then take that measurement.

You must take this over clothes because if the measurement is taken directly against the body the belt will come up short.  The measurement is also where you will want to wear your belt, this doesn't necessarily mean your natural waistline.

Example of how the belt will be made: If you take a measurement of 100 cm, the belt will be made 100 cm from the middle hole to 2/3 down the buckle prong, see diagram below. 


We have a list of sizes for women and men which you can use to select your desired size.  


The West End Buckle is available for this style in either Brass or Stainless Steel.  

Please note the Stainless Steel buckle is Nickel free.


We offer a further two options to customise your belt which are:

1. Initials.  If you would like initials to be stamped on the inside of the belt please provide them on the form.  There is an additional charge for this.

2. Number of holes.  Each belt will come with 5 holes with a spacing of 2.5cm between each hole.  If you would like to add any more than 5 please note this down.   If you do add more holes, the belt measurement will be made to the middle hole (if an odd number).