Rogan Textile Art (India Craft Presentation) - London Craft Week 2019

London Craft Week is an annual event happening in May each year which started in 2015.  It hosts around 220 different events across the capital showcasing craftspeople and makers from a variety of disciplines from well known brands to small businesses.

One of the events I visited and wanted to focus on in this post is the presentation by India Craft Week. I pulled this out as it was really interesting to see a craft from another culture and see how they approach things.  

Two of the crafts they presented were Pashmina Weaving from Kashmir and Rogan Textile Art from Gujurat. In this post I’m focussing on Rogan Textile Art.


Rogan Textile Art from Gujarat


Rogan Textile Art

Rogan Textile Art is a technique using thick brightly coloured paint made with castor seed oil which is painted onto fabric. Gafoor Bhai Khatri demonstrated the craft and he is one of the last of his generation to practise this. His family have been doing this for 300 years.

One of the things that I noticed first and it’s purely because I’ve not seen it before is he sat on the floor to do this and safety pinned the fabric onto his trousers. As you can see in the video the paint is thick like string that is ‘guided’ onto the fabric. Really to cool to see something different.

Alison Riley