Pashmina Weaving (India Craft Presentation) - London Craft Week 2019

London Craft Week is an annual event which happens in May each year. It started back in 2015.  LCW hosts around 220 different events across the capital showcasing craftspeople and makers from a variety of disciplines from well known brands to small businesses.

One of the events I visited and wanted to focus on in this post is the presentation by India Craft Week. I pulled this out as it was really interesting to see crafts from another culture. Two of the crafts they presented were Pashmina Weaving from Kashmir and Rogan Textile Art from Gujurat.

In this post I focus on Pashmina Weaving.

Pashmina Weaving from Kashmir

Majid Mir demonstrated calligraphy weaving for a pashmina design. He is from a family who innovated calligraphy weaving and basically they weave a calligraphy message into the design on the pashmina.

Pashmina weaving is so fine and delicate and to be able to weave a script into the design takes a lot of skill. They weave threads so you can imagine how thin those are. Most weaving I’ve seen in this country is using wool and you can see the fruits of your labour much quicker as the wool is thicker.

The calligraphy design is drawn on graph paper first and if you look at the images I took you can see the design on paper in front of him which he follows when weaving. It takes 3 months to weave a full pashmina, it’s just incredible. The final fabric is beautifully soft to touch.


Pashmina Weaving Demo


Watching Majid at work was incredibly relaxing to watch. You can see how arts and crafts are used as mindful practices because you get to focus on the task at hand and they’re great at being able to clear the mind.

I also loved the weaving loom itself. It was a mix of metal and wood put together. Weaving looms in the UK are made fully from wood and I thought what they had was full of character. It also shows you don’t need to throw lots of money on the best looking loom, just use your mind and create something that does the job well.

India Craft Week at London Craft Week 2019

Alison Riley