What Is Leather & When Does It Date Back To?

Leather has been used by mankind as far as records can be traced, from as early as the BC years. People would hunt animals for survival to provide food and they would use all of the animal. The skins would therefore be used for clothing, footwear and shelter. Leather to this day still comes as a by product of the meat industry.

Animal skin before it is prepared for tanning to make leather

‘Leather’ is effectively an animal skin that has been treated/processed (know as tanning) to stop it rotting and make it suitable to use in articles such as clothing.

The earliest method of turning the animal skins into leather is by the vegetable tanning method. You hear more and more the term ‘Vegetable Tanned Leather’ today due to it’s ethical processing method but Vegetable Tanned Leather is actually the oldest way of tanning leather. The ancient Greeks are known to have discovered a way of using vegetation (tree bark, berries or leaves) to turn the skins into what we know as leather.

This method has survived through 1000s of years and has a renewed sense of relevance in todays world.

It is pretty amazing when you think of what they did with very limited stuff and by trial and error developed something that still happens today.

Vegetable Tanned Leather