Craft of Sustainability Talk - London Craft Week

One other event I went to at London Craft Week which I wanted to pull out was the Craft of Sustainability talk held by the British Fashion Council.  It was really interesting to hear from Christopher Raeburn, Bethany Williams and Nina Marenzi (The Sustainable Angle) about their views on sustainability and what it means to them.

I’m more and more interested in this topic and it does cover a vast amount of issues. I think for me and my work sustainability is about creating items to look after and care about. That in turn will give them a longer life.  That is one of the things I took from my time learning from David, master saddler.  He put a lot of care and attention into everything he made and wanted them to last.  He had people calling up or dropping in with repairs if they had broken giving their saddles or bridles an extended life.

There are other things I’ll do and one is to use the smaller offcuts of leather for the belt loops.  When a belt length is cut to a certain size you're generally left with strips are leather sometimes 20-30cm long, instead of them being put to one side those will get cut up and used for the belt loops.  They can also be reused into other items such as key rings.

It was a great talk and to have more and more awareness around this subject.  This something that I'm passionate about and want to help to make a difference where I can.