Volunteer at London Craft Week 2018

I had the pleasure of being a volunteer at London Craft Week this year.  It was a great experience and I was able to meet different craftsmen/women/people in different disciplines and hear their stories.

One of the key things that have stood out for me is the level of skill they have.  Their skills have been practiced for years and their dedication has given them the accuracy and care they have.  They have a passion for what they do and that shines through.

Another thing that stood out for me and re enforced my thoughts was the care taken to the small details.  Details that people might not realise straight away without knowledge but really do make the difference between a beautiful product and a mediocre one.  An example of this is the care taken to finishing the edges of a strip of leather.  In the case of the gun maker at Purdey, the time that goes into polishing and filing the metal, at the end the metal will end up like a mirror, creating an item to cherish.

I met Bill Manley, a hand embosser for Purdey.  The way he made sure the initials of a customer were correctly lined up and the process he went through to achieve this, the customer would never realise.

All the craftsmen and women I met were all friendly and were more than happy answering questions about the work they do.  Some seemed surprised initially that people were interested in them but they all seemed proud that people wanted to know about their work.

It was such a worthwhile experience and I found it very inspiring.  I picked up some great tips and now for me it’s about taken the essence of what I learnt and adapting it to what I want to do with Hadston Leather.

London Craft Week

London Craft Week began in 2015 and was in its 4th year this year.  It was set up to showcase the very best international and British creativity and craftsmanship through a ‘beyond luxury’ journey-of-discovery.  230 events were held across the capital from Wed 9th May to Sun 13th May.